Jessica Maslow


Jessica Maslow is a seasoned professional with over 15 years of Human Resources leadership experience, currently serving as the Senior Vice President of HR at Bloom Healthcare. In this role, Jessica holds comprehensive responsibility for all aspects of the employee lifecycle and is dedicated to enhancing employee experience and engagement.

Collaboration is at the core of Jessica’s approach, as she works closely with her team to craft strategies that align seamlessly with Bloom’s mission, vision, and values. Her commitment extends to fostering a positive and inclusive workplace culture that empowers employees to thrive.

Before joining the Bloom team, Jessica accumulated a wealth of HR leadership experience, specializing in leadership development and process improvement. Her diverse background equips her with a deep understanding of leadership development, performance management, and innovative HR practices.

Jessica is driven by a profound passion for nurturing individuals to become effective leaders. Her dedication to helping people grow and excel in their roles is evident in her professional journey.

Outside of Bloom, Jessica treasures her time spent with her husband and three boys, often enjoying sporting events and quality family moments. This reflects her commitment to work-life balance and underscores her genuine appreciation for both personal and professional growth.

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